Angeline Tham, a banker, founded a ride-sharing automobile company After getting stuck in a traffic jam.


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She is a dynamic entrepreneur who rose to prominence as a speaker at the John Clements Consultants’ Youth for Leadership Summit in the thriving world of ride-sharing apps. Angeline Tham, the CEO and creator of Angkas, a trailblazing company in the ride-sharing space, has become a trailblazer, upending conventions and revolutionizing the way people travel. Her fascinating speech highlighted her experience with Angkas, which transformed motorcycle travel. Angeline Tham emphasizes the value of Angkas in nation-building and elevating the unorganized sector while providing insights into her interstellar aspirations. Angeline Tham was honored with the Expatriate Executive of the Year award at the Asia CEO Awards 2022 for her efforts to modernize urban transportation through Angkas. During a global summit, Angeline Tham, the founder of Angkas, demonstrated her commitment to women’s empowerment and reiterated her goal of revolutionizing motorcycle ride-sharing.

Born in Singapore, Angeline pursued a business degree at New York University. She worked in banking for a while before bringing her creative business idea to the Philippines. She obtained useful experience in the banking industry after completing her studies at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business, and then she decided to pursue her entrepreneurial dream. Angeline is a dynamic business leader who made the move from the finance industry to the field of creative business solutions. Her journey demonstrates the fusion of academic knowledge and real-world experience.

Angkas’s Origin Story

The realization for Angeline Tham during a six-hour Manila traffic jam Born out of a brainchild, Angkas was founded in December 2016. As a result of extreme traffic congestion, Angeline Tham and George Royeca founded Angkas, the first motorcycle ride-hailing platform via an app in the Philippines. Former banker Angeline Tham co-founded the platform after becoming frustrated with traffic in Manila after traveling the city for six hours. Following this path, Angkas quickly became well-known and played a significant role in changing urban transportation in the Philippines. Angkas’ commitment to efficiency and safety not only eases traffic problems but also provides passengers with a practical and dependable alternative to cars. The founders’ resolve to innovate and tackle the particular difficulties commuters in Manila’s crowded urban areas face is evident in the platform’s success.

Tham launched Angkas as a dependable, cost-effective, and safe motorcycle transportation option because he wanted to bring professionalism to the habal-habal market. Her innovative strategy challenged accepted practices in the transportation industry while simultaneously addressing the problems associated with commuting. A major factor in turning Angkas into a leader in the ride-sharing industry was Angeline Tham’s astute use of technology and creative business strategies. Under Tham’s direction, Angkas overcame obstacles and legal issues to offer a workable commuter solution as well as to change the way people in the Philippines view motorcycling as a mode of transportation.

Overcoming Roadblocks

Angkas claimed 16,000 bikers and 600,000 app downloads in just 11 months. Success was not without its difficulties, though, as government regulatory boards voiced concerns, sparking a three-year battle. The disruptive motorbike ride-sharing movement in the Philippines gained prominence with Angkas, but the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) forced the platform to halt operations because of business permits and safety concerns. Due to this setback, Angkas decided to change course and start a parcel delivery service, exhibiting perseverance in the face of difficulty. After a series of court cases, legislative talks to create an appropriate framework for motorcycle ride-sharing services were started early in 2018. Following more injunctions, which culminated in an 8,000-person “Unity Ride” protest against government actions, Angkas resumed operations in September 2018. Today, Angkas has 30,000 vehicles under operation and provides delivery and pabili services(on-demand purchase) in several cities, demonstrating the platform’s resolve to overcome challenges and offer a dependable mode of transportation.

Angkas’ Fortitude in the Face of Misfortune

To survive, Angkas changed into a parcel delivery service in the face of closures and legal disputes. Tham’s persistence sparked legislative conversations about a suitable motorcycle ride-sharing framework. Angkas overcame hardship with strategic flexibility, even in the face of early resistance from the government and obstacles from oversight organizations. The company’s decision to switch to package delivery demonstrated its adaptability and inventiveness in the face of outside pressure. This development not only kept the company afloat during difficult times but also shaped discussions about the legal frameworks that should be in place for new transportation models, further establishing Angkas as a trailblazing entity in the Philippines’ transportation industry.

When Angkas started up again in September 2018, they encountered additional injunctions. An 8,000-person “Unity Ride” demonstrated public support for the government’s actions. This massive demonstration against what was perceived to be government discrimination against motorcycle riders brought together riders from a variety of groups, and they drove continuously along EDSA. In addition to serving as a symbol of Angkas users’ unity, the Unity Ride sparked conversations about the difficulties the motorcycle ride-sharing sector faces and the regulatory environment that governs these kinds of services.

Recognition and Awards

The renowned co-founder of Angkas, Angeline Tham, won a substantial honor at the Asia CEO Awards 2022. Tham received the coveted Expatriate Executive of the Year award in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the growth of the country. This honor bears witness to her exceptional leadership and influence on the business scene. Tham’s dedication to creativity and quality, especially in the field of motorcycle taxi services, has not only helped Angkas succeed but also significantly influenced and advanced the Philippines’ larger economic environment.

Angkas’ Impact on Urban Traffic

The Philippines’ traffic congestion has crippling economic effects; every day, it costs the country Php3.5 billion ($61,353,455). This enormous loss disturbs people’s daily lives and routines in addition to hurting the country’s economic productivity. As clogged roads cause stress and inefficiencies, the general quality of life of people is negatively affected. Resolving this widespread problem is essential for maintaining economic stability as well as improving the welfare of the Filipino people. 

Angkas, with its impressive reliability rate of 99.99% and safety record, has become a ray of hope for Filipino commuters who are suffering from traffic jams. Beyond merely offering a substitute means of transportation, the platform has made safety a top priority, guaranteeing daily commuters a safe and reasonably priced option. Because they relieve traffic congestion, angkas have a significant positive impact on the general well-being of the community. This dedication to safety not only improves the commuter experience but also highlights Angkas’s goal of being a revolutionary force in resolving the Philippines’ ongoing traffic problems.

The Views of Angeline Tham 

Tham emphasizes the importance of Angkas not just for transportation but also for nation-building and uplift of the informal sector. Through their unique identity, angkas give people in the informal economy a sense of empowerment and belonging. This innovative strategy advances social and economic goals in addition to meeting transportation needs. Tham’s vision highlights the significant influence that a well-managed and encouraging platform such as Angkas can have on the socio-economic scene, generating a domino effect that improves communities and fortifies the country.

More than just a means of transportation, Angkas has the power to change the lives of its users. Through the promotion of empowerment and community, Angkas allows riders to dream bigger and reach new heights. The platform’s creative projects and unwavering support foster relationships within the community and provide opportunities for users to grow personally. With new stories coming to light, Angkas are inspiring people to dream bigger and work together to accomplish their objectives. Through initiatives like “PasaHero,” Angkas create networks that unite people on an emotional and physical level, enabling dreams to come true, aspirations to be encouraged, and communities to flourish. 


Under the direction of Angeline Tham, Angkas is a testament to inventiveness and perseverance in the face of hardship. Even though it has been difficult, the trip has changed urban transportation and gained national attention.


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