As Dropee’s CEO and co-founder, Lennise Ng has surpassed her expectations.


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In the fast-paced world of online shopping, where massive companies rule the scene, a Malaysian startup is subtly changing the rules. Lennise Ng and Aizat Raim, a dynamic duo, founded Dropee.com in 2017. Dropee.com, their creation, is more than just an online store; it is evidence of the revolutionary potential of technology to support small and medium-sized businesses. They started this endeavor in October 2016. Their brainchild, Dropee.com, is not just an e-commerce platform; it’s a testament to the transformative power of technology in empowering small and medium enterprises. Lennise Ng, who has a strong background in retail and wholesale, has led Dropee.com to become a game-changer in the B2B industry with her leadership and insights. She is a visionary businesswoman whose path has profoundly changed the face of business-to-business e-commerce. 

Lennise Ng stands out in a world where digital transformation is reshaping industries because of her dedication to solving typical issues in the B2B supply chain. Her experience is both motivating and educational, ranging from successes with seed funding to plans for regional expansion. With a focus on accounting and business/management, Lennise Ng graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) from the University of Melbourne in 2014. Lennise also has two certifications from the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Applied NLP in Business (Consulting) and Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She held the positions of Head of Business Relations (acquired – Kern Technologies) at Infinite Ventures Malaysia and Director of Finance at Hot Gadgets Solution from 2015 to 2017. She served in the capacities of both community management and marketing and country manager at Yelp in 2014. Additionally, she was an external consultant at Kildonan UnitingCare in 2014.

The Genesis of Dropee: An Inspired Vision

A very personal source of inspiration, Lennise Ng’s grandfather’s battle with a mom-and-pop store marked the start of her journey with Dropee. This early experience inspired a mission to rescue companies from financial ruin. Having personally experienced the difficulties he encountered—such as unstable supply chains, exorbitant expenses, and constrained market penetration—Lennise realized that these impediments hampered not just her grandfather’s achievement but also the prospects of innumerable other business owners. She started a journey with Dropee, using her personal history as fuel to create a platform that would transform how businesses connect, source products, and thrive in a cutthroat market. Her motivation was to empower these businesses and change their lives. Lennise’s mission became deeply ingrained in her dedication to providing businesses with the tools, opportunities, and support they need to break the cycle of poverty and unleash their true potential, in honor of her grandfather’s unwavering resilience.

When Lennise Ng and her co-founder Raim launched Dropee as a B2B online marketplace in 2017, they realized how urgently the gap between suppliers and small businesses needed to be closed. More often than not, traditional sourcing methods were opaque, complicated, and required lengthy lead times, which hurt smaller businesses. To overcome these inefficiencies, Dropee developed a platform that gave small companies access to a large selection of high-quality products from vetted vendors at competitive prices and with simplified transaction processes. Dropee streamlined and digitalized the procurement process, revolutionizing business-to-business trade. This made it easier for small businesses to expand, offer more products, and handle the market more deftly. With this project, Lennise and Raim hope to level the playing field, give small businesses the tools they need to prosper in a business environment that is becoming more and more competitive and promote prosperity and economic growth for all those involved. 

Investors saw Dropee’s potential and realized the platform could have a big impact on the B2B commerce scene. With the help of Vynn Capital, the startup raised $341,213 in seed funding in 2019. With this capital infusion, Dropee was able to grow its workforce, improve its technology infrastructure, and scale its business, further establishing itself as an industry innovator. Dropee was well-positioned to carry out its objective of empowering small businesses and transforming B2B transactions after this successful funding round. A major turning point in Dropee’s development was the seed funding success, which confirmed the company’s ability to completely transform and redefine the B2B commerce market.

Dropee’s incredible growth has allowed it to serve over 120,000 businesses today, making it an essential platform for suppliers, retailers, and entrepreneurs alike. With more than 200,000 products in its vast inventory, Dropee is constantly growing its product line to give its users a wide variety of choices. Dropee continues to focus unwaveringly on creating a win-win situation for both sellers and retailers, despite its exponential success. Through the provision of open, effective, and mutually beneficial partnerships, Dropee helps companies grow, build meaningful relationships, and realize their full potential in a dynamic business environment. Dropee’s steadfast dedication to fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem has positioned the company as a reliable name in business-to-business trade, accelerating its growth and securing its leadership position.

Empowering Businesses Beyond Transactions

Having worked at a mom-and-pop store herself, Lennise Ng is acutely aware of the challenges small businesses face. Dropee goes above and beyond in its commitment to support these businesses because it recognizes how important it is to make technology accessible to everyone. One such project is the introduction of “open coffee hours,” a gathering place for mom-and-pop store owners to exchange knowledge and strategies about efficiently utilizing technology. Through offering a platform for cooperation and information sharing, Dropee enables these companies to surmount obstacles, seize expansion prospects, and adjust to the constantly evolving business environment. Dropee demonstrates its commitment to uplifting even the smallest businesses through creative upscaling programs, guaranteeing that no one is left behind in the digital transformation.

Seeing that there is more to be done than just business, Dropee runs educational programs to make sure its clients use technology. “Open Coffee Hours” provides a free consultation platform. During these interactive sessions, participants receive guidance on more general aspects of digital literacy in addition to gaining insights into effectively using Dropee’s platform. Dropee recognizes that even seemingly simple technologies may be new to some users, so they offer hands-on training in tools like Microsoft Excel as part of their extended educational initiatives. In addition to streamlining its clients’ business operations, Dropee hopes to equip them with the knowledge and abilities required to successfully navigate the rapidly changing fields of technology and e-commerce. With a focus on education, Dropee demonstrates its all-encompassing strategy for helping businesses succeed in the digital age.

Ng enjoys seeing her clients—especially the elderly—get over their fear of technology. The platform’s educational programs encourage more people to use e-wallets and scan QR codes, for example. As these people overcome their reluctance to use technology, they not only accept contemporary conveniences but also help create a more welcoming digital environment. When once-technophobic clients confidently navigate the digital realm, it is a tangible sign of education triumphing over fear. 

Trust, Technology, and the Future of Dropee

Dropee pioneers a built-in mechanism to measure trust between businesses, emphasizing the importance of trust in negotiations. In Ng’s future, technology will be able to measure trust in addition to making sense of data. This novel strategy not only promotes assured bargaining but also helps create a climate in which trust can be measured. Ng’s goal is to build a platform that is built on quantifiable and transparent trust, going beyond traditional data-driven insights and improving the state of digital business.

Ng sees a bright future for AI, helping distributors with logistics and storage while giving manufacturers more precise insights into product demands to help them make better business decisions. This insight changes the way decisions are made, enabling companies to maximize productivity, cut expenses, and improve overall efficiency. AI’s analytical capabilities are enabling the industry to reach previously unheard-of levels of strategic planning and precision, which is in line with Ng’s vision of a future in which technology facilitates strategic and informed decision-making.

Ng stresses the importance of the intangible value of face-to-face business interactions, despite technological advancements. Dropee aims to restore this feeling of confidence, making sure that all users gain from the platform. Ng sees a B2B environment where relationships—based on trust and human connections—become the cornerstone of prosperous commerce, going beyond transactional exchanges. Dropee’s emphasis on the human touch and long-term relationships sets it apart from other digital marketplace players.

A Visionary’s Legacy

Dropee had to stand out from the competition because it operated in the B2B market. Dropee’s emphasis on providing exceptional customer service and a user-friendly platform sets it apart from the competition. Personalized sales catalogs and tiered pricing are two ways that companies can use Dropee Direct to tailor their approach and offer over 80,000 SMEs in Southeast Asia a distinctive and efficient solution. This dedication to innovation reinforces Dropee’s unique position in changing the dynamics of B2B wholesale.

Dropee made a calculated decision to focus on regional expansion throughout Southeast Asia, with a mid-2018 target of Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The bold objective was to intensify market dynamics and develop a cooperative business environment that would encourage enterprise cooperation. Dropee wanted to make a name for itself in these significant markets and increase its reach to solidify its place as an essential player in the community’s business scene.

Ng has bigger plans for Dropee than just making it last a long time. Ng hopes that Dropee will leave a legacy that lasts for a century and beyond, positioning it as a reliable partner for companies. Because of her strategic vision, Dropee can adapt to changing market conditions and lead the way in innovative ideas that will drive business growth, not just for the next few decades but for the next century.


The story of Lennise Ng’s success with Dropee.com goes beyond just business success. It is a story about empowerment, resiliency, and a dedication to building a platform that promotes growth, trust, and longevity in the business sector in addition to transactional ease.


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