APAC’s Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs: Dismantling Gender Bias in Business


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The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, known for its vibrant diversity and economic dynamism, has seen an extraordinary wave of female entrepreneurs defying gender bias. They are making their mark in the dynamic landscape of female entrepreneurs like never before. Despite numerous challenges and societal biases, they have demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination. Gender bias, a pervasive issue in business, has long hampered women’s access to equal opportunities. These enterprising women, on the other hand, have not only challenged the status quo; they have excelled, driving change and transforming industries in the process. 

We will discover fascinating stories of women who have not only triumphed over gender bias in the APAC region but have also made a significant impact on a global scale as we embark on this journey. These stories serve as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that, in the world of entrepreneurship, gender is not a barrier to success but rather a source of strength and innovation. This article looks at the inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs who have broken down gender barriers, defied stereotypes, and achieved extraordinary success in the APAC business arena.

The Gender Bias Challenge

Gender bias has long been a problem in business, and the APAC region is no exception. Women frequently face unequal opportunities, limited access to capital, and a lack of representation in positions of leadership. These difficulties, however, have not deterred the tenacious female entrepreneurs profiled in this article.

  • 1. Pioneering Innovators:

Meet Jane Marie Chen, a remarkable entrepreneur best known for co-founding the social enterprise startup Embrace Innovations. Chen started her journey with the goal of lowering infant mortality rates in developing countries. Her story exemplifies how to break down gender barriers in business. Chen’s game-changing invention is the Embrace Warmer, a low-cost infant incubator designed to save the lives of premature and low-birth-weight babies. She not only overcame skepticism, but she also secured the resources needed to make her vision a reality. Jane Chen’s tenacity, innovative spirit, and unwavering commitment have made her a role model for female entrepreneurs, breaking down stereotypes and limitations that often stymie their success. Her story exemplifies the power of determination and vision to overcome gender bias in business.

  • 2. Tech Trailblazers:

The well-known actress Priyanka Chopra ventured into the tech world with her investment in Bumble India, a dating app. Her journey represents a significant step forward in the fight against gender bias. She empowered women to make the first move in dating in a conservative society, challenging traditional norms. Her foray into technology provided a new perspective and increased gender inclusivity. Priyanka Chopra’s remarkable transition from the entertainment industry to entrepreneurship is an inspiring example of women successfully entering and redefining underrepresented sectors. She has not only broken down barriers, but she has also contributed to a more inclusive entrepreneurial landscape.

  •  3. Sustainable visionaries:

Kathy Xu, the founder of Capital Today Group, is a prominent figure in the world of venture capital who has overcome gender biases. She has consistently invested in startups that provide sustainable and innovative solutions, defying industry norms. Kathy Xu’s trailblazing vision and unwavering commitment have not only reshaped the venture capital landscape but have also highlighted the importance of women’s participation in the sector. Her success story demonstrates that women can excel in traditionally male-dominated fields, and she serves as a powerful role model for future generations of female entrepreneurs.

  • 4. Fashioning Success:

Fashion designer Stella McCartney reshaped the fashion industry with an eco-friendly and sustainable approach, defying gender bias. In an industry that is frequently chastised for its environmental impact, McCartney’s dedication to ethical fashion has set new benchmarks. She established a luxury brand that prioritizes sustainability, cruelty-free materials, and ethical practices, and she is challenging the status quo. Stella’s success story not only highlights women’s leadership in fashion but also the power of conscious entrepreneurship. She is a shining example of how innovation and ethical values can break down gender barriers and drive positive change.

  • 5. Championing Inclusivity:

Angie Lau, founder of Forkast News, has broken down gender barriers in the tech journalism industry. With an inclusive approach, her innovative vision has revolutionized tech reporting. As a woman in a male-dominated field, Lau provides balanced and insightful coverage of blockchain and emerging technologies. Her significant contributions demonstrate that women can excel in underrepresented fields. Angie Lau’s accomplishments serve as a model for aspiring female tech journalists, demonstrating that hard work, expertise, and a fresh perspective can help redefine industry norms. 

  • 6. E-Commerce Titans:

Lucy Peng, co-founder of Alibaba Group, has defied gender bias, which has been instrumental in establishing Alibaba’s e-commerce dominance. A pioneer in a male-dominated industry, Peng’s vision has changed online shopping in China and around the world. Her remarkable success demonstrates women’s ability to excel in the technology and e-commerce sectors. Lucy Peng’s leadership inspires women all over the world, demonstrating that gender should not be a barrier to achieving groundbreaking success. Her journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and innovation in breaking down gender barriers in the tech and e-commerce industries.

  • 7. Healthcare revolutionaries:

Dr. Tan Hooi Ling, Grab’s co-founder, overcame gender bias and expanded her ride-hailing company into healthcare services, ensuring millions of people had access to quality healthcare, especially during the pandemic. Despite a historically male-dominated industry, Dr. Tan’s innovative vision and determination have led to gender inclusion and transformation. Her story exemplifies women’s ability to excel in the technology and healthcare sectors, challenging stereotypes and improving lives. Dr. Tan Hooi Ling’s achievements demonstrate the potential for women to lead in fields where they were previously underrepresented.

  • 8. Educational Innovators:

AsianParent’s founder, Roshni Mahtani, created a platform for Asian parents. Her company has grown to become the world’s largest content and community platform for parents, providing support and advice to millions of parents in Asia and beyond. Mahtani’s innovation and determination have revolutionized parenting resources in a tech-driven industry where female leaders are underrepresented. Her journey demonstrates that women can excel in traditionally male-dominated industries such as technology and media while also advocating for gender equality and family well-being. Roshni Mahtani’s success demonstrates the value of vision and commitment to challenging industry norms and driving positive change.


The stories of these APAC women entrepreneurs who have overcome gender bias are not only inspirational but also indicative of a changing landscape. These women have broken down barriers, reshaped industries, and paved the way for future generations of business owners. Their unwavering determination, creative thinking, and dedication to their visions demonstrate the limitless potential of women in business. As we celebrate their accomplishments, it is important to remember that when passion and purpose lead the way, gender bias can be overcome and any barrier can be broken. These women have demonstrated that gender is not a barrier to success in business but rather a source of strength. Their stories continue to motivate people to take bold steps, one at a time.


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