Mixing Nature and Science Dorothy Chau Gave an Example of How to Make a Skincare Product.


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Female entrepreneurs are behind some of the most innovative and exciting start-ups in Hong Kong. The number of young entrepreneurs is growing as the younger generation wants to change society on their terms and pursue greater career fulfillment. There will always be some risks you must take on your own, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of starting a successful business and doing what you love. But what exactly does it mean to run a profitable business? We spoke with the most powerful women in business in the city to learn about their scalable start-ups and social businesses. 

If you have a dream, don’t waste any time pursuing it. Dorothy Chau, the CEO and founder of Pretti5, has used this maxim throughout her professional life. Dorothy Chau, a businesswoman from Hong Kong, entered the skincare sector after discovering traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in a busy city where stress and pollution are the norm. Chau’s life-changing event, the beginnings of her company Pretti5, and her goal of fusing traditional Chinese medicine with contemporary research.

Initially, she was in the banking and branding fields, and Dorothy found her passion to help millennials feel confident about their appearance. The result was Pretti5, her skincare solution fusing traditional Chinese medicinal herbs with advanced science and a non-toxic, vegan, and sustainable approach. Yet it almost didn’t happen. Dorothy was first at Morgan Stanley’s private wealth management division and then joined Landor, a global brand consulting agency. Michael Ying had headhunted Dorothy, who was now on her way to becoming a corporate executive. “Michael came into the office one day, and he asked me why I hadn’t started my own business yet. I thought I was being fired,” she says with a laugh.

The beginning of Pretti5: A Journey of Healing

Chau’s foray into the skincare industry began with a TCM practitioner’s treatment of stress-related skin conditions during 2019’s turbulent events and the ensuing pandemic. the potency of an herbal soup that a doctor prescribed, Chau envisioned repurposing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recipes to create modern topical products. This insight led to the creation of Pretti5, a skincare product that emphasizes non-toxicity, veganism, and sustainability while combining cutting-edge science and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. Her adventure began when she ventured into the beauty business, researching and fusing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with contemporary scientific formulations. The foundation of Pretti5’s distinctive skincare products is the meeting point of tradition and innovation. 

Find out how the five essential elements of TCM—earth, fire, water, metal, and wind—are reflected in the name “Pretti5” as well as the desire to “prettify.” It’s more than just skincare; Pretti5 is a tasteful fusion of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and contemporary beauty. The name pays homage to the fundamental components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is a play on words, signifying a dedication to holistic well-being and the blending of botanical traditions with modern skincare science.

Chau’s insight into the unfeasibility of TCM remedies for everyday application gave rise to the concept of TCM-inspired skincare products. Seeing that many people might find it difficult to take traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formulations orally every day, Chau made a calculated decision to focus on creating topical skincare products instead. The five essential elements of TCM—earth, fire, water, metal, and wind—are incorporated into Chau’s products to link traditional TCM knowledge to modern skincare requirements. This allowed Chau to translate botanical traditions into approachable and potent topical formulations.

Navigating the Beauty Industry: Challenges and Triumphs

Chau set out on an international quest with a creative problem-solving mindset and a strong passion for skincare. Her research led her to laboratories in Japan, France, Italy, and South Korea. She found a lab that satisfied her high standards in Osaka, Japan, and they forged an alliance that serves as the foundation for Botanic Pretti5. Chau’s biannual trips to Osaka demonstrate her dedication to quality and innovation, which in turn promotes the creation of superior skincare products that balance conventional wisdom with contemporary science.

Chau came to use snow mushrooms as a vegan substitute for hyaluronic acid, and they ended up being a key component of Pretti5 products. This gem of a botanical quickly rose to prominence as the key component in Pretti5’s skincare products. Snow mushroom is well known for its ability to hydrate and work well with vegan diets. Chau’s dedication to innovation has allowed for the development of products that combine traditional Chinese wisdom with contemporary, environmentally friendly skincare techniques.

Ambitions and Global Reach

Chau’s goals for Pretti5, a skincare company that aims to be a leader in fusing traditional medicine with contemporary science, are that Pretti5 will become more than just a skincare line; rather, she sees it acting as a catalyst for overall wellness. Fusing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with cutting-edge scientific methods, Chau wants to break new ground in skin care. The result is a transformative experience that balances traditional wisdom with modern innovation.

Chau believes Hong Kong is the perfect place to test her products, which are designed to withstand the rigors of urban life. She explains, “She designed the products around city life because Hong Kong is a very metropolitan city.” “Everyone is dealing with extreme stress, air conditioning, humidity, long hours, pollution, and the combined effects of the East and the West. Thus, I also want that to be a part of the products. It might be conventional, but we could also incorporate the scientific aspect. Is that right? It combines the best aspects of the two worlds.

Pretti5 Product Range: Merging Tradition with Innovation

The Botanic Pretti5 skincare line, which draws inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is cruelty-free, natural, and clean. The line targets common skin issues like aging, dullness, and dehydration with plant-based ingredients like green tea leaf extract, snow mushroom extract, and goldflower root extract. Customers and media have given the line excellent reviews, and it has won multiple accolades, including Elle Beauty’s Empty Bottle award for three of its products. Anyone looking for easy and efficient skincare solutions to achieve dewy, healthy, and radiant skin should check out the Botanic Pretti5 line.

Chau’s dedication to cruelty-free testing, biodegradable packaging, clean beauty, and openness in ingredient disclosure. A company called Pretti5 is committed to using science and nature to make skincare products that are both secure and efficient. Chau adheres to the clean beauty philosophy, so none of its products contain artificial fragrances, hazardous chemicals, or ingredients derived from animals. Chau uses cruelty-free testing, biodegradable packaging, and open ingredient disclosure because she is concerned about the environment. You can rely on Chau to provide premium skincare products with a conscience.

Entrepreneurial Insights from Dorothy Chau

Chau’s entrepreneurial journey started with a love of skincare and an idea to make products that were pure, natural, and functional. Along the journey, she had to overcome numerous obstacles, like locating the ideal ingredients, obtaining finance, and developing a devoted clientele. She overcame the challenges and never gave up on her dream, though. She is appreciative of the compliments she gets from her customers, who adore her Botanic Pretti5 line and are proud of her accomplishments.

Chau’s personal experience of developing and introducing the Botanic Pretti5 line informs her viewpoint on entrepreneurship. According to her, becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult but worthwhile path that calls for perseverance and focus. She gives prospective business owners advice on how to overcome challenges, stay true to their vision, and learn from mistakes. She also exhorts them to celebrate their successes, network with other business owners, and ask for feedback. Chau offers an encouraging and inspiring viewpoint on entrepreneurship.

Chau acknowledges that she had numerous psychological difficulties as an entrepreneur, including worry, tension, self-doubt, and failure-related fear. She claims that these difficulties had an impact on her mental health and general well-being and occasionally caused her to doubt her skills and judgment. She attributes her ability to overcome these obstacles and receive motivation, counsel, and feedback to her strong support network, which consists of her friends, mentors, peers, and family. Chau claims that for entrepreneurs, having a strong support network is crucial. In addition to selling goods online, Chau’s company also sells at Sephora Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific and has just six full-time employees based there and a team of freelancers.

Chau is the creator and CEO of Botanic Pretti5, a modern science and traditional Chinese medicine-based natural skincare brand. According to Chau, success is defined as developing goods that improve both the environment and people’s lives. She views being an entrepreneur as a learning process in which she must constantly adjust to new possibilities and challenges. She considers teamwork, creativity, and client happiness to be the main forces behind her success.


Dorothy Chau’s partnership with Pretti5 is a great example of how tradition and innovation can work together to create skincare products that are grounded in TCM. Chau is paving the way for aspiring skincare entrepreneurs with her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to clean beauty as she continues to pioneer this fusion.


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